Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes When Choosing an Engineering University

Finding the right university for engineering where you will spend the next four precious years of your life is a stressful task indeed. Students need to consider a lot of factors when making this important decision. Even more importantly, they need to avoid some common mistakes that students usually commit during the process.


A lot of students are tensed about their college admissions, months before their board exams take place. As soon as the exams are finished, students indulge themselves in the college selection process. Choosing the right college is a stressful task and is an important decision on which the student’s entire professional life depends. Right from figuring out your choice of specialization to fees structure to placement record, there are so many factors one needs to look at prior to taking admission in a top engineering university in Punjab.


When choosing a university, students often get confused and commit certain mistakes during the process. These mistakes need to be avoided in order to take the right decision. Some of them are listed below:


1. Picking the university your friends are going to


When it is about choosing a university, students must stop following and start exploring all the available options. Going to a university where your friends are studying might give you a friendly environment, but it doesn’t mean that the course or the university is the perfect fit for you. Pick a university as per your interests and needs. You can make plenty of friends in your new college.


2. Worrying about money


Even if the college fee is quite high, don’t strike out the option from your list. There are many options like scholarships or other financial aids that might lessen your burden, when arranging for finances. Just remember that you have to apply for them, and the awarded amount will come to you, as per your caliber, automatically.


3. Compromising on quality


One of the biggest mistakes students generally commit is to opt for a not-so-good engineering institute in Punjab or other prominent states, just to save some money. High fees structures sometimes pressurizes the students to take admission in a university where there is not much scope for the course. Opt for an education loan instead and go the round way.


4. Not visiting the university on an Open Day


Undertaking adequate research is a good measure to know about the university. Reading online reviews and talking to college pass-outs are some other ways to get important information. However, the best thing is to visit the university in person on a working day. It is important to get a feel for the place where you are going to spend the next 4 years of your life.


5. Not having a backup plan


When looking at universities for engineering in Punjab or Delhi NCR, don’t limit your options to just one or two. Instead, consider 4-5 options in your selection criteria and pick the right fit for you as per your interests and requirements.


These are some of the mistakes students tend to commit when applying for a university. Avoid making any one of these to find the right option for you. Also, don’t wait for the last day of application submission. Submit your application along with necessary documents much before the deadline. Last day submissions leave a not-so good impression on the minds of a university’s management.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Engineering College

There is a huge demand for engineering courses in India. If you’re planning to pursue an engineering in Punjab, it is important to choose a good college. There are several factors that can help you distinguish a good engineering college from an average one.

Engineering is one of the most sought-after courses in India. A large number of students dream of pursuing a course in engineering from India’s top engineering colleges. However, due to stringent admission procedure and tough competition, not all engineering aspirants are able to secure a seat in the college of their choice.

Although, there is no shortage of good engineering colleges in Punjab, selecting the right one may prove to be a difficult task. Here are some of the things that should be kept in mind while choosing an engineering diploma college in Punjab-


1.Good Infrastructure


This is one of the most important factors that must be borne in mind while choosing an engineering college. Good infrastructure does not just mean a good building. It also means having well-equipped computer labs, technological tools and other facilities for the students. This will go a long way when it comes to improving your overall study experience.


2.Qualified Faculty Members


It is important for an engineering college to have qualified and experienced lecturers and professors. How many full-time faculty members are there? What is the highest qualification of faculty members? From where did the faculty members do their MTechs and PhDs? These are some of the important questions you need to ask while inquiring about the faculty.




Placement is another important factor that will determine the choice of the college. Checking out the placement percentage of the college is not enough. You need to enquire about the companies that visit the college and the kind of salary packages they offer. The college placements depend on a number of factors including college rank, faculty, performance of the students, and the overall reputation of the college in the industry.


4.Location of the College

Although, not the most important factor, but a good location can make life a lot easier for the students. Is the college well-connected to other parts of the city? Is it situated near industrial or software hub? It is important to seek answers for these questions before selecting a college.

5.Extra-curricular Activities


Extra-curricular activities like seminars, debates, workshops, industry lectures and college fests can greatly enhance your overall experience of studying in a B Tech University in Punjab. Most colleges understand the importance of extra-curricular activities and provide plenty of opportunities to the students to participate in these activities. It is important to make sure that the college you choose encourages the students to participate in activities that help in personality development.


Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can easily select the right engineering diploma college in Punjab. There are many engineering colleges in Punjab that are equipped with top-quality infrastructure and offer the best study environment to the students. Choosing the right B Tech university in Punjab will make it easier for you to realize your dream of pursuing an engineering course and starting your career successfully.

3 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing an MBA University

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after courses in India. Every year, lakhs of MBA aspirants appear for the Common Admission Test (CAT) and other competitive exams to realize their dream of studying in a top MBA college. When it comes to pursuing an MBA, the importance of choosing the right university cannot be overlooked. Selecting a good university will help you make the most of your MBA experience and also make it easier for you to achieve your career goals.

Here are three of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing an MBA university-


1.UGC Recognition


The first and foremost thing that you need to check about the university is if it is approved by University Grants Commission (UGC). UGC is the apex body that approves universities in India. It is responsible for providing funds and maintaining a high standard of education in the universities. There are many advantages associated with UGC recognized universities. A common pattern and system of education is followed in UGC recognized universities in India. Also, the students can find highly-qualified and experienced teachers in UGC approved universities. You can easily find a UGC approved university in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh as well as a number of southern states.



The courses offered and the curriculum is another important factor that can’t be ignored. Instead of giving too much importance to the brand name of a college, it is important to determine how a college’s syllabus will add to your competency and skill set. Although the core syllabus in UGC recognized universities remains the same, each university can choose to conduct extra workshops and projects. Apart from the usual academic syllabus, the college should offer leadership programs.




Placement record is one of the key factors that should be taken into consideration. It is important to find out which companies have visited the university in the previous years and the salaries offered by them. Choosing a business school with an excellent placement record will considerably increase your chances of finding a good job after the MBA course. Placement record is also an indicator of the reputation of the business school in the industry.


The above-mentioned factors will make it easier for you to choose the right MBA University in Himachal Pradesh. An MBA degree from a UGC approved university in Himachal or any other state will provide the right start to your career and help you achieve your goals and objectives.